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MP Mijnen Pieper!


Our product-range contains various hand/foot pumps, valves, crank sets, freewheels, cassettes, tools and accessories. We only supply specialist traders. The products from our range are all from the highest quality.


Functionality and durability are our aspirations. Our products are manufactured with a quality standard that meets the most demanding requirements in practice and will do so for many years! By selecting the materials to be used in the production of our products, we already set the standard for the best quality.


In addition to our own Around and MP products, we also represent brands such as: Alligator, Amar and Spark.


Mijnen Pieper guarantees a constant level of quality, outstanding service and dependable delivery.

About Mijnen Pieper

The company Pieper Industrie Vertretungen originated from Germany and was founded in 1911, in the German town of Haan. Through the years, the company has gained a good reputation in Europe. For more than a hundred years we have been supplying retailers across Europe to the best of our abilities.

In 2012, the company moved from Haan, Germany, to the Netherlands. From then on, the company continued under the new company name ‘MP Mijnen Pieper BV’.

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